If you are under the impression that a higher education is prohibitively expensive,

then just consider the cost of not having one. 

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Study in Russia and Abroad

In a modern competitive world there is a great demand for top professional qualifications which are the key elements to any successful career in many fields such as business, science, politics and the civil service.  The idea of continuing education and training is at the forefront of any profession where the employee is required to keep pace with and ideally to anticipate ever evolving technologies and market demands. Therefore even the most prestigious first degree is just the beginning.

When considering a candidate for a position companies look in particular for clear evidence of his/her potential for future professional  growth and an ability to evolve and adapt to new environments.  Consequently access to the best educational programmes is vital for any personal success.

Avesa sees its role as an advisor and a provider of “educational” loans which are tailor made according to the individual needs of the borrowers.

AVESA: Educational Loans For Study in Russia and Abroad (Undergraduate Studies, Postgraduate Studies, MBAs and other programmes).

Knowledge of the latest developments in their professional field is vitally important for both companies and for professionals seeking a highly paid position or developing their own business. There is therefore a demand for top quality educational programmes from individuals and employers in all sectors of the professional market. However the fact is that the demand for education is mainly not realised due to financial reasons. Study abroad or at the best Russian educational institutions is very expensive. Few individuals have enough savings to pay in full for educational programmes upfront. For companies investment in the training of personnel often requires the withdrawal of considerable funds from their core activities.

For those whose ambition is to study abroad or at the best universities in Russia AVESA can offer loans for all educational needs.

The educational loan covers the cost of the programme itself and also any associated living costs, which is an innovative approach to borrowing for higher education and postgraduate studies. It is not common practice in educational borrowing to cover accommodation and living costs.

AVESA can provide you with consultations at every stage of your study beginning with initial advice and help with the choice of programme, then support during the application process itself, assistance in obtaining a visa and help with settling in abroad.

Educational loans to study abroad

  • MBA Programmes /Executive MBAs/ Masters at leading universities and business schools
  • Undergraduate studies
  • Accommodation, living costs

Educational loans to study in Russia

  • MBA Programmes /Executive MBAs at leading business schools in Russia and joint  programmes with international schools
  • Higher education at leading universities in Russia