Educational loans

CJSC AVESA is a partner of the Russian state company The Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML). Together with the AHML in 2011 AVESA has launched an educational loans program for the purposes of education in Russia and abroad. AVESA’s educational loans program is one of the two products on the Russian market, which can be used for studying abroad. Our product advantageously differs from competitor products. We provide long- term loans at low rates, in Russian rubles (which reduces currency risk). With our loans students can finance not only the education, but also accommodation.

AVESA is interested in establishing partnerships with colleges, universities and business schools abroad and their representatives in Russia, and is ready to offer its loan program for applicants from Russia, wishing to get education in these institutions.

Loans conditions:

The purpose of the loan

Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, Doctorate, etc.)

Loan term

Up to 15 years


Russian rubles

Interest rate

10-14% (it’s a competitive rate in Russia)

Borrowing Limits

Minimum loan amount of 300 000 RUB (about $10 000 or 7 500 EURO)

Maximum loan amount of 1 500 000 RUB (about $53 000 or 37 500 EURO)

Grace period

Study period + 6 months

Requirements to the borrowers:

Citizenship of the borrower/co- borrowers (parents)

Russian Federation

Age of the borrower/co- borrowers (parents)

From 16 years; at the time of the full execution of obligations under the loan agreement age of the borrower/co- borrowers should not exceed 70 years

Ratio of the loan payment to income of the borrower/ co- borrower

Up to 60%